Affordable Surplus Chemicals & Resins 

Boost your production and lower your costs with surplus chemicals and resins from Carter Chemicals. We buy surplus products from the paint, inks, adhesives, and plastic's industries and resell them to clients across the globe.

Saving You Money

Buy the chemicals you need for less! There are companies that want to dispose of the exact products you need. We offer discount pricing on:

• Chemicals
• Resins
• Pigments
• Surfactants
• Vinyls
• Solvents

• Additives
• Anti-stats
• Specialty Chemicals 


Chemical Compound of Surplus Chemicals

Save on Disposal

Disposing of unwanted chemicals is expensive with potential liability that can last FOREVER. We'll take your excess inventory off your hands and offer you a great price. You can recoup a large portion of your investment and free up shelf space by selling us your surplus inventory.


Get quality you know you can trust. We buy and sell the industry's top brands, including:

• Dow™ UCAR™
• H. B. Fuller™
• Wacker™ Vinnol™
• Colorite™
• Impranil™
• Raven™
• Printex™
• Clariant™
• Celogen™
• Hybrar™
• Kalar™
• DOW™  
• Lotryl™
• Sartomer™
• Satintone™ W (Whitetex™)
• Bayer™ 

Contact us to save money with high-quality surplus chemicals.